About AppSec USA

AppSec USA is a world-class software security conference for developers, auditors, risk managers, technologists, and entrepreneurs gathering with the world’s top practitioners to share the latest research and practices, in the high energy atmosphere of Downtown Washington.

Why you should attend: AppSec global conferences are a key fundraiser for the OWASP Foundation. AppSec USA is one of the largest sources of funding to help advance all of the free, open source OWASP projects we all rely upon.

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is an open-source, not-for-profit  application security organization made up of corporations, educational organizations, and individuals from around the world. Providing free, vendor-neutral, practical, cost-effective application security  guidance, the OWASP Foundation is the de-facto standards body for web application security used by developers and organizations globally. Learn more about OWASP and membership benefits.