Capture the Flag

This hands-on Capture The Flag (CTF) event will be held live during both days of the conference, and will be targeted towards beginner and intermediate level application hackers.
Participants in this event will be required to find and exploit OWASP Top-Ten related vulnerabilities, as well as other common application security vulnerabilities. Mentors will be available to help get you started. Prizes (i.e. tech-friendly gadgets) will be awarded to the top individual performers (must be present to win).
Initial registration must be made in-person at the CTF area, where the mentors will be available.  After registering, you can continue to remotely access the challenges until the CTF scoreboard is closed on the 2nd afternoon of the conference.
What to bring:
A laptop with working wifi
Make sure to download the ZAP proxy from or your favorite proxy (e.g. BurpSuite) and have it working properly
Thursday and Friday 9am to 6pm